FaspaFarm Bread

Making your own bread is easy! Seriously. Once you get a feel for the texture of the dough, this will take 5 minutes on Day 1, and then the time it takes to put the dough into a pan and into the oven the next day.


About this Recipe

I (obviously) use our own FaspaFarm, freshly ground whole wheat flour. The taste is incomparable, and I can no longer eat "brown" bread out of a bag from the grocery store. Buy freshly ground flour regularly because it has a shorter shelf life (that means NO COSTCO flour - buying in bulk is a false economy when you consider the nutritional value!) or freeze your freshly ground flour.


460 g whole wheat flour
7 g salt
2 g yeast

400 g lukewarm or room temperature water (37-40 C is ideal if you can be bothered to measure the temp)

You can try out a 50/50 All Purpose:whole wheat mixture if you like.


Whole wheat is a good source of carbohydrates, dietary fibre (a whopping 3.9 grams in a standard 60-gram slice of bread) and protein. The wheat we grow usually has around 14% protein, making it an excellent choice for baking bread! Whole wheat also contains a little bit of most of the essential vitamins and minerals (of course how much will depend on the soil health of where the wheat was grown). The endosperm of the wheat kernel is where the white part of flour comes from; the outer covering, the bran, is the brown part which separates from the endosperm during the milling process. The bran is where all the fibre is, along with some (4%) fat.

Step by Step Instructions

Day 1:
Get out a glass bowl (preferable one with a lid so you don't have to waste cling film). Mix the flour, salt and yeast together so well-distributed.
Add the warmish water and stir well. The dough should look a bit sloppy. You won't be able to knead it.
Leave overnight in a cold oven or if during the day in the sun or close to a fire.
Usually it takes 8-24 hours (depending on the temperature) to double in size.
Day 2:
Put the dough/slop into a greased loaf tin.
Preheat oven to 190 C (375 F) (convection) or 205 C (400 F).
Bake for 35 minutes or until internal temperature of bread reaches 88 C (190 F).