Our teas (technically known as “tisanes”) are all free from caffeine as we only use produce grown on our land. If you need a caffeine hit, just add your own imported green or black teas to our herbs and you’ll get the best of both worlds! We dry leaves, stems, flowers, needles and fruits from plants and trees grown in our gardens and along the creeks running through our property.

Light & Floral Tea

A perfect summertime tea that is refreshing either hot or cold. Put 4.5 grams (2 very heaping teaspoons) of tea in 450 mL (2 cups) boiling water.

Ingredients: Chamomile leaves and flowers, borage leaves and flowers, raspberry leaves, rhubarb stems, lemon balm leaves, calendula flowers

Fireside Tea

Spruce needles have a surprisingly tasty flavour and our wild Manitoba rosehips provide an extra burst of colour, flavour and an extra shot of vitamin C. Vitamin C is heat-sensitive, so don’t boil this tea. Pour 240 mL (1 cup) water just after it has boiled over 5 grams (1 Tablespoon) of tea, and you will maintain most of this important vitamin.

Ingredients: Blue spruce needles, rosehips, yarrow flowers

After Dinner Tea

Herbs that are known to aid in digestion and reduce excess gas have been combined into this tasty drink.

Ingredients: fennel leaves, chamomile leaves, peppermint leaves, fennel seeds, lemon balm leaves, parsley leaves and stems.